Hello people...
So, I'm really not much good at introducing myself... I'm not sure what to say, so I'll just ramble on for a bit and run away, fearing the worst.
Okay then... I'm 15, and educated at home. I'm becomming more and more addicted to Adobe Photoshop, and spend most of my waking hours fooling around with the marvelous thing. I make more wallpapers than anything else, and a few brushes for the program. The ones I've made that I like the most have been thrown at my website... Which I'm still in the process of making... And therefore only a few things are on it... ¬_¬

I found this place yestoday looking for pictures of some rather random things, such as the moon and playing cards, which I both found. Yay! So I'm loving this place more and more, not only because it's all copyright free, but because of the range of things I can find.

So that's enough for now, methinks. *runs away from forum*

EDIT: I've linked back to this site on my website, because it's just so fabby. (And because some of the photos have been brusherized and thrown at my site, and I like to credit the nice people who take the photos.)
Tristan (Administrator)
RE: Hello people...
Welcome villanelle!
Thats a wicked looking site!
I see you've got a series of dresden dolls desktops. I just discovered that band last week and bough their newest cd yesterday, crazy duo Smile

Perhaps you can post your brushes here on the forum if you like. They look very usefull to me and they can be very usefull for our visitors. Make sure you add a link to your site as well so hopefully it will generate some traffic for you as well.
My Goodness
I must say your "Tree thingy Wallpaper" design really caught my eye .. I think i'll make it my desktop Smile I am really blown away by your talent and i can't wait to see more Smile

keep it up Smile
RE: Hello people...
Hello Tristan!
Thanks! I'm glad you like it, this site is pretty amazingly well put together, and easy to navigate... Unlike mine... Roll Eyes
I got very into the Dresden Dolls fairly recently too... I went and saw them live in march, it was a fantastic gig. (My first one too!) They're an amazingly crazy duo, yet utterly fantastic at the same time. It's great to find someone else that knows of them.

Are you sure you don't mind me posting my brushes on here? Id be pretty happy to post them on the forum, but should I attach the files to this thread, or make a seperate post in another part of the forum?
I'll put a link to my website here, but the site really isn't finished yet... I have a lot of things to sort and upload, just no oomph to do so.

Edit: TwiTch, you're too fast for me! I'm very glad you like the wall, I had no idea what to name it, so I just went with that... Thank you!
*Thinks*People are actually using my wallapers! Yay!
RE: Hello people...
hehehe i guess we were posting at the same time lol.

I've also started listening to dresden dolls in the last 2 months or so.. they were going to have a concert here but it apparently sold out REALLY quick .. oh well, next time.

and yes, i have officially placed your wallpaper on my desktop. I must say, I'm really enjoying it.

thank you Smile

* i can't wait for your brushes... i have yet to get into using custom brushes in Photoshop but I'm sure they are VERY useful
RE: Hello people...
I do that a lot...

You too? Cool, it's a shame you missed the concert though. They're really fantastic live! Good luck with catching them next time!
Yay! I'm glad you're enjoying the wall! I think it should be me thanking you... Smile

Brushes... Ack, here, I'll give you a link to the brushes page:
They're really only useful if you make wallpapers, or signatures, or avatars... But I don't really design much... So umm, there you go. There are only 4 useful sets right now, but there should be more soon!
Tristan (Administrator)
RE: Hello people...
If could post em in under the creative section under image*after forum >Tutorials & resources and just attach them as file (browse and then click attach) you've uploaded it to our server and always available.

RE: Hello people...
Wonderful, I'll get onto making the thread now! I hope you find them useful...
RE: Hello people...
Nice brushes. If you´re intrested, Vilanelle, I have access here to lots of old letters (18th century) wich I could photograph for you (and image after) Smile
Stefan (Administrator)
RE: Hello people...
If Villanelle isn't interested; we are! Very Happy
Please photograph them anyway?
RE: Hello people...
Ohhh very cool i love the designs on your front page on theleft how did you do that?
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