Forums Back - Yeah!
Hey guys. Missed this forum. Glad you guys got it going again. Will be here regularly. Smile

Just by way of reintroduction ... I found your site quite some time back and have seen it really grow. I have used images from here as layers to make terrains, sprites and textures for games -nothing professional, just for fun. I decided to go back to school a few months ago - at the ripening age of 47- and am now pursuing a degree in animation at Brooks College in California. Lots of work but I am having a blast.


Stefan (Administrator)
RE: Forums Back - Yeah!
Hiya Burt, good to see you back!
As of growth; you aint seen nothing yet; some major changes in the making Wink
We missed the forum alot as well and are hoping to revive it once again. It hasn't picked up momentum yet, but with enthousiastic people like yourself I'm sure it will soon! Cool

Any chance on seeying one of your past/present/future projects?

RE: Forums Back - Yeah!
I haven't gotten much online except bits and pieces. If you want to torture your eyes a bit you can see some odds and ends here

a few are here (mostly older stuff)

here is a maquette I did for my character design class

and a few items on a blog I'm trying out

Haven't really scanned in the drawings or traditional animation tests.

If you really have too much time on your hands you can see my 10 second homework assignments for After Effects intro and for Flash - though I warn you, if you are not sorry you asked by now you will be. Wink
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